The Dress Shirt Sleeves

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Despite the lack of style variation in sleeves, they make up a major part of the dress shirt. There are two types of sleeves for men's dress shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve. You'll see an additional three quarter sleeve length on women's dress shirts. The sleeves on a dress shirt are usually wider than the shirt cuff, and therefore need to either be pleated or gathered when sewn with the cuffs. Some believe that pleats give a more masculine appearance as opposed to being gathered. There are also various methods in customizing the spacing of the pleats or gathering.

Sleeve construction is strongly influenced by the type of cuffs chosen. And the sleeve width is also adjusted according to the type of fit requested. As expected, the sleeves are slightly trimmed for a more snug fit on slim fit dress shirts and slightly expanded for a more relaxed fit on loose fit dress shirts. While long sleeve dress shirts obviously have cuffs attached, short sleeve dress shirts have short sleeve endings, for which there are two general styles, singletop and turnup, the former being the most common.

For short sleeve dress shirts, one of the modern trends which younger men, in particular, have embraced is to have the sleeves with the turnup cut made a bit shorter and tighter. This makes them snugly wrap around the biceps, so as to accentuate the physique. It's particularly atheletic men with a lean body who opt for this style of sleeve. This type of short sleeve is usually complemented by a slim fit for the dress shirt itself. Dress Shirt Sleeves: Design Yours.