The Dress Shirt Pocket

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Many believe that the pocket helps create depth to a dress shirt. While this can be true and is often seen on western style shirts, pockets are frowned upon for business attire and definitely unacceptable for formal occasions. Despite a recent study showing that pockets are still acceptable on office dress shirts, we think it is better to be safe than sorry. One irrefutable fact is that the pocket decreases the formality of the dress shirt. The least dressy type of shirt has pockets on both sides.

Most pockets on a dress shirt are located on the left breast. Pockets on a dress shirt have three characteristics, shape, flap and pleats. Both flaps and pleats, are optional. The overall shape of the dress shirt pocket can be square, round, angled or pointed. If you are looking to create depth, then choose pointed. This adds more dimension than the others.

In some cases, people are extremely adamant towards dress shirt pockets. They believe that a dress shirt loses its composure once a pocket is added. Others believe the pockets are an added convenience for storing smaller items. Generally, pockets are meant to be purposeful, but in essence, dress shirt pockets don't really have a main function. Its objective is merely to add style. We advise against using your dress shirt pocket for storage. Dress Shirt Pocket: Design Yours.