The Dress Shirt Placket

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Just like the shirt collar has evolved into many styles, the placket of a dress shirt has taken on a few new variations to accommodate the contemporary man. Similar to how a certain style of collar indicates the formality of a dress shirt, the placket too incorporates miniscule details that have significant effects. The dress shirt placket is the panel of fabric that is located down the middle on the front of a shirt. It is an interlined fabric that holds the shirt buttons together.

Generally, there are three types of plackets, seamless, standard, and concealed. The seamless placket, also known as the French Placket, is one of the most common placket styles. It is plain and does not have any stitching or seaming that clearly distinguishes it from the dress shirt. The standard placket can also be found on many dress shirts and is identifiable by its appearance of the raised fabric, achieved by stitching. The concealed placket is when the buttons are hidden by an extra layer of fabric over the edge of the shirt.

The French Placket is the preferred option when wanting to exude stylish and proper attire. As the name indicates, it goes well with French Cuffs. Careful examination of the placket should not reveal any loose threads. Loose threads is not only a sign of poor quality but also a measure of how much effort is required in amending loose buttons. As the placket is the area that endures the most strain due to the buttoning and unbuttoning of the shirt, it is important that the placket is meticulously constructed. Dress Shirt Placket: Design Yours.