Your Dress Shirt For Job Interviews

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You want to be remembered after the job interview, and in a good way. It's very important to make a good first impression. Looking confident and professional is the key. Although certain industries are more relaxed about work attire, it is still best to show up to a job interview looking as professional as possible. It shows not only that you know what you're talking about, but also how serious you are about the job. Keep in mind that you want your attire to help you stand out but not steal the show.

To do so, first remember to wear a dark suit. Traditionally, your belt should be a shade darker than your suit color. Your shoes should match your belt while your socks should match your pants. This means that you only have the tie and dress shirt to help you stand out. We know there are a lot of styles for your dress shirt collar but classic will be the safest choice. Definitely stay away from the Button Down because it is a more casual collar style. You should also stay away from French Cuffs for your interviews. It's too formal in this stage.

Color wise, a very popular look is the white dress shirt and red tie look. The white dress shirt is conservative yet the redness of the tie demands attention. This is a popular choice. White is always the safest and most traditional, but to distinguish yourself from that other guy with the red tie, we recommend you trying light blue or light striped dress shirts. Also try a dark tie that has at least one color matching your shirt or suit. If you go with a striped necktie on a striped dress shirt, your tie should not be of similar stripes. Your dress shirt, tie, and suit should all compliment each other and not look like separate pieces. And don't forget to trim those nails! Dress Shirts: Shop Online.