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The cuffs are one of the most important parts of a dress shirt. When worn under a suit, the cuffs must be securely fastened and are meant to extend slightly farther than the sleeves of the suit. Normally, a deviation from the standard cuffs signals that the dress shirt is being worn at a particular occasion. The cuffs play a big part in creating a unique dress shirt personality. There are many different cuffs available, but we divide them into three general categories: Button Cuffs, Turnback Cuffs, and French Cuffs.

Button Cuffs, also known as Barrel Cuffs, is the most common type of men's dress shirt cuffs. As the name indicates, they have buttons. They are great for office wear and suitable for various other occasions as well, since they aren't too dressy. They come with either square, round, or angle cut, and with either one or two buttons of on each cuff.

Turnback Cuffs, also known as Cocktail Cuffs, gained their popularity through James Bond. They are reminiscent of French Cuffs with the double layer fabric folded back, but instead of using cuff links, they are secured by buttons. Some bespoke dress shirts with Turnback Cuffs can be further enhanced by a contrast fabric, creating extra depth.

French Cuffs is the choice of cuffs for the dressiest of occasions. It is sometimes called Double Cuffs due to the double material that folds back onto itself. It is standard to have about a quarter inch of cuff showing. To add to its stature, cuff links or silk knots are used for enhancement. Men sporting a tuxedo and white dress shirts underneath will often have French Cuffs to complement the special occasion. Also, these come with either square, round, or angle cut. Dress Shirt Cuffs: Design Yours.

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