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The dress shirt collar is not only chosen to suit the occasion, but to match the face shape of the wearer. Choosing the right type of collar can help balance a round or slim face. A dress shirt collar should ideally be tailored to the neck of the wearer and should not be too tight or too loose. You should be able to place two fingers inside the collar. Also, keep in mind that if the dress shirt itself is tailored or made specifically as a slim fit dress shirt, then it is natural to have collars that are snugger. We've grouped a handful of the most standard collars found on men's dress shirts into Classic Straight Point Collars and Spread Collars.

To balance a rounder or more stout face, it is recommended that the wearer opts for a classic straight point collar. Generally, the collar points help elongate this type of face. This would mean that the wearer is best served choosing one of the the following collars: 1 Button Classic, 2 Button Classic, 2 Button Tall, 3 Button Tall, or Soprano Long Point. These are all considered classic straight point collars.

For men with slimmer or more narrow faces, the spread collar, also know as the cutaway collar, is most flattering. You'll come across different variations of the spread collar, but the collar tips are usually set apart by 7-15 centimeters or 3-6 inches. Slimmer men can benefit from the spread collar due to its ability to construct a more balanced facial appearance. It is also considered to give off a more youthful look.

Other popular dress shirt collars include button down collars, banded collars, and wing collars. The button down collar is simply a collar with buttonholes on the collar tips that can be securely fastened to the shirt. The banded collar has minimal height and is shaped in a ring like form. The wing collar has collar tips puffed out and is reserved only for very formal events and should be worn with a bowtie. Dress Shirt Collar: Design Yours.

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