The Dress Shirt Buttons/Buttonholes

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All dress shirts have buttons and buttonholes. They serve as a closing mechanism on for the different parts of the shirt. They are always paired up, so if you see a button, then there is also a corresponding buttonhole that is used to securely fasten its matching button. You'll usually find a few pairs on the collar, cuffs, and placket. While buttons come in all different kinds of material, everything from resin to pearl to wood, buttonholes are simply made up of threading along a small opening in the fabric. There is a wide range of colors available for both buttons and buttonholes.

The classic dress shirt composition uses the same color buttons and buttonholes as the fabric itself. This could mean white buttons and white buttonholes on a white fabric. For a more fashionable look, you could use contrast color for buttons and/or buttonholes. This could mean red buttons and black buttonholes on a white fabric. It's these small details that give your dress shirt more personality and distinguish you from everyone else.

The buttons and buttonholes are not limited to the traditional forms that you imagine on dress shirts. There are many kinds of alternative closing mechanisms. You’ll find everything from snap buttons to silk knots. They also come in many different shapes and size. These mechanisms can be used as ornaments but only where the setting allows for a more modern interpretation of how dress shirts can be composed. They are certainly not acceptable at formal events. Dress Shirt Buttons/Buttonholes: Design Yours.