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Dobby fabric is made using a dobby weave, meaning that when a fabric is sewn together, the weaves of the fabric are slightly raised instead of having a smooth finish, creating shirts such as striped dress shirts, checkered dress shirts, and dress shirts with various other geometric patterns. Shirts of this particular material therefore have more texture than a plain weave shirt.

Dobby dress shirts are similar to jacquard dress shirts, but distinctive in a sense that it is more quickly woven and less intricate. Dobby fabrics can be woven from a range of materials thus synchronizing both the durability and quality of dress shirts. Another advantage of dobby dress shirts is that it can be dyed in many different colors, making it a favorite fabric amongst the textile industry.

Due to its texture, the dobby dress shirt would be an excellent choice of wear because unlike plain weave fabrics, they are less susceptible to wrinkles. Cotton pique rank high on the list of dress shirt fabrics for their comfort is achieved through a slight stretch in addition to their ability to prevent many wrinkles. Polo Shirts are usually made up of dobby cloth, but this type of fabric is also suitable for trousers. Casual or dressy clothing is highly dependent on the type of material that the dobby cloth is made from. Moss crepe, a type of dobby fabric is usually used for more dressy material and is woven with rayon. The crème of the crop goes to dobby fabrics that incorporate silk in the weaving. Dobby Dress Shirts: Shop Online.