Different Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt

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Men have been wearing dress shirts for as long as anyone can remember. And over time, the way of wearing dress shirts have changed. Although there are minor variations, we say that there are, in general, two ways of wearing a dress shirt, the classic way and the modern way. These two should not be considered mutually exclusive stereotypes. We wear our dress shirts differently for different occassions. While the classic way is mostly used for formal occassions, the modern way is more suitable for casual occassions.

The classic way is to neatly button both shirt cuffs and shirt collar. In this case, the dress shirt is tucked down the trousers and complemented with a tie. You can also wear the dress shirt with a sweater or a vest for the dapper gentleman look. The modern way is to wear the dress shirt untucked. There are several variations in the buttoning of the dress shirt for this style. Most people will leave the collar unbuttoned, and some will even unbutton the top placket button. Also, the buttons on the cuffs can be buttoned or left unbuttoned for an even more laid back look.

Currently, a fashion trend for younger men is to wear the dress shirt half-tucked with the sleeves rolled up, in the most natural manner possible. The aim of this style is to give off a nonchalent out-of-bed fashion look. As there is no consensus on this specific style, it is not accepted as a way of wearing the dress shirt. You'll see many different styles in the fashion industry, but this seems to be the most widely adopted one. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.