Cuff Links

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With the popularity of French Cuff Dress Shirts on the rise, the demand for cuff links is increasing as well. As one of the most important decorative accessories for men's dress shirts, cuff links are used to keep the cuffs closed on these formal dress shirts. They began to emerge during the 17th Century as a replacement for the silk ribbons which, at the time, were the standard.

Originally, cuff links were worn by the rich and wealthy but as time progressed, cuff links started to be made from cheaper materials and became affordable to the larger public. Today, cuff links continue to be a popular accessory to men’s dress shirts and give the wearer a unique style. They also adds a subtle hint of dress to impress. The sizes and designs of cuff links vary widely.

The most common and basic type of cuff link is the hinged back cuff link. This type of cuff link usually has one decorative face that is backed by a swivel bar that secures the cuff link in place and the cuff closed. Because of the design, hinged back cuff links are the least likely to fall off during wear and also one of the easiest types of cufflinks to put on. With this type of one decorative face cuff links, they should be worn so that the decorative face points away from the body. All cuff links serve the same purpose in keeping the French Cuff closed as well as adding a slight hint of style to your look. Cuff Links: ShirtsMyWay.