Cotton Blend Dress Shirts

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Cotton blend shirts are composed of both natural and synthetic fibers. Whilst 100% cotton dress shirts have many benefits, synthetic fibers may be used in the weave in order to achieve a certain look or style of a dress shirt, or any item of garment for that matter. 100% cotton dress shirts have some drawbacks that other fibers are able to amend. Because of its breathability, cotton is able to absorb a lot of fluids along with the dirt collected in the air. And while cotton dress shirts can withstand repetitive washing, it tends to shrink in hotter temperatures.

There are two common cotton blends that are used, the cotton and polyester blend shirt and the cotton and Lycra blend shirt. Polyester has properties that enable the lengthening of the dress shirt lifespan. For one, polyester fibers are more resistant to wrinkling. Another advantage of polyester is that is dries a lot faster. The major component that polyester fibers can add to the cotton dress shirt is its ability to resist stretching and shrinking. The cotton and poly blend incorporates both anti-stain and wrinkle properties with absorbent yet comfortable wear. Most cotton dress shirts shrink to a certain degree when first washed, but a cotton and poly blend is able to overcome this dilemma.

Lycra otherwise known as Spandex, is combined with cotton to create a stretchy fabric. This is especially good for creating fitting dress shirts, as it accommodates the build of the wearer. The combination of natural and manmade fibers offers results that cannot be achieved by cotton dress shirt alone. Cotton blend shirts bring together the best of two worlds. Cotton Blend Dress Shirts: Shop Online.