Contrast Fabric For Collar And Cuffs

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One of the most appealing ways to spice up to your dress shirt is by incorporating a contrast fabric for collar and cuffs. The point is to add simple details to the dress shirt, making it more unique and eye catching. There are many men who have striped dress shirts in their wardrobe, so making slight alterations using contrast fabric will differentiate you from the crowd.

There are two ways of using the contrast fabric concept, full and inner. Full collar/cuffs means that the entire collar and/or cuffs are made up of another fabric, giving a very visible contrast to the shirt base. This dramatic effect is especially successful among similar color schemes. Inner collar/cuffs means that an extra layer of a distinctive fabric is sewn on the inside of the collar and/or cuffs. This is a more subtle approach as it invites closer attention. The most popular colors used to achieve this contrast is a white fabric used on the collar and/or cuffs on a blue dress shirt, stripes permitting.

ShirtsMyWay has taken this concept a step further, allowing you to customize your dress shirt exactly as you please. You can put any piece of fabric on any part of the dress shirt. You are literally piecing together your own custom made dress shirt from scratch. As the dress shirt consists of many parts, this then results in an staggering number of combinations that you can play around with. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.