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Colors are great. They enliven your outfit and make you look confident and energetic. And by colorful dress shirts we mean dress shirts with colors incorporated, not bright eyesore solids. Oranges and lime greens should never parade the streets. You want to stay fashionable with color by incorporating them in a classy and unique way that won't fade with time.

Patterns and stripes are a great way to bring energy into your outfit. They are more subtle than the solids. Just make sure you don't have more than two, maximum three, different colors or else it will be too distracting. When it comes to patterns, we recommend you stay with smaller patterns. Larger patterns amplify the colors, which will make your dress shirt unattractive and inappropriate for the office. The typical patterns include checkers, plaids, and gingham. If you are bold and daring, you can also try some polka dots, just promise us to stay with dark colors. If you can’t flaunt your bold patterned dress shirts openly, you can try customizing them into your inner color or inner cuffs. It'll give your dress shirt quite a unique touch.

Other ways to bring color into your dress shirt is to have it accented on more subtle parts of the dress shirt. You can try matching colors on placket, buttons, buttonholes, cuffs and collar. If your dress shirt is solid white, perhaps you can match your buttons and buttonholes in a very different color. Matching your collar, cuffs, and placket in a different color can also successfully bring excitement to your outfit. Maybe a colorful polka dotted pattern under the placket and on the inner collar is the way to go. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.