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If you want to use price as an indicator of quality, then you can spot a cheap dress shirt from a mile away. Okay, maybe not a mile away, but you get the point. While the shirt will lack form in the shirt collar and shirt cuffs, the buttons are carelessly sewn on. And you'll see loose threads here and there. The appearance of a cheap dress shirt will not be pleasing to the eye. Men who are able to fit into standard sizes should carefully examine the quality of a dress shirt before making a purchase. If the dress shirt is dominated by creases then it's off to a bad start.

Buyers should consider cotton blend dress shirts. This isn't an indication of quality. The benefit of having a mixture of synthetic and natural fabric is that polyester maintains the form of the dress shirt while the cotton allows the skin to breathe. Shirts are meant to be worn with confidence and nothing accomplishes this better than a wrinkle-free look, which is primarily achieved by using blends.

The true quality of a dress shirt is reflected through the small details. High quality dress shirts radiate the amount of time and effort that was put into making them. All the small details will testify to this. A split shirt yoke, or the parting of the upper back panel of the dress shirt, would not be found on cheap dress shirts. This doesn't mean that quality dress shirts must have this. Not splitting the yoke could be an individual preference when customizing dress shirts. If you are particular about dress shirts and desire complete control over the look of the dress shirt, we recommend that you get dress shirts custom made. Cheap Dress Shirts: Shop Online.