How To Care For Your Dress Shirt

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Once you've found the perfect fitting and perfect looking dress shirt, the next thing is to wear your dress shirt and to properly care for it. With the proper care for your dress shirts, you'll be able to keep the new look and extend its durability for a much longer time. Think of it as an investment. The little work that needs to be done to maintain the dress shirts can keep them looking great for years to come.

Many people tend to send their dress shirts to the dry cleaners, but over time the use of chemicals and starch can damage the shirts and may even leave a yellow tint. If you absolutely insist on sending your shirts to be dry cleaned, request no starch. Always read the care tags first, but usually home laundering in cold water works best. If you want to use starch at home, try to keep the starch usage to a minimal level and only to the areas that truly need it.

When ironing your dress shirts, make sure that there are no stains, otherwise they will become permanent. Also, ironing the dress shirts while they are still a bit damp makes it easier to get the wrinkles out and there is less chance of damaging your dress shirt. Also avoid spraying any scents directly onto the shirt. Try spraying colognes and other body scents directly onto the body and wait for them to dry, this will prevent any stains. With the proper care, your custom dress shirts will be able to last for a much longer time. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.