Button Down Dress Shirts

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Button Down Dress Shirts are almost exactly like any other dress shirt, except that there are buttonholes located at the tip of the collar points, so that the collar can be securely fastened to the shirt, hence its name. It was first introduced in 1896 as a result of disgruntled polo players. The button down collar hasn't shaken off its origins completely, since some still associate a certain level of preppiness with it.

It is characterized by having a softer look as opposed to the classic collar. Whereas some may find the classic collar too rigid and associated with corporate culture, the button down collar provides a more inviting appeal. Perhaps this is why it's more favored in relaxed settings, rather than a requirement at formal events. It's less crisp, giving it a no-fuss appearance. Button Down Dress Shirts are suited for casual outings, evidently not to replace a dress shirt that has been made specifically for a suit. They should only be worn under a sports coat.

There are some individuals who consider defying simple structures of dress shirts to their liking. The button down collar is meant to stay secured. It is flimsy without an anchor. It is a bold and rather unacceptable fashion statement to not fasten it down and make the collar look like a cross between a wing collar and a classic collar. We strongly advise against this form of anarchy. Button Down Dress Shirts: Shop Online.