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Business Dress Shirts demand attention. A suit is the compilation of many details that must all synchronize to create harmoney. Details like type of fabric and choice of color can all be debated. Whilst every intricacy of a suit is closely examined, choosing an appropriate dress shirt for business is the foundation to creating coordinated attire. There are three main kinds of business dress codes: Business Attire, Business Casual, and Office Attire.

Whereas Business Attire requires the most formal presentation, for which men must wear business suits in very conventional colors, Business Casual does not give too much detail to formality. Office Attire and Business Attire are slightly different dress codes. Office Attire translates to everyday work clothes. A dress shirt can therefore be worn in a number of ways, achieving distinct looks for varying professions. In the corporate setting under Business Attire, however, dress shirts require more finesse. Some believe that French Cuff Dress Shirts are too formal when worn outside a wedding, but this is up to the individual. A corporate setting can range from, but not limited to, conferences, meetings and presentations.

Business thrives on delivering end products, so it's best not to deviate too much from conventional colors. An executive addressing board meetings must carry his or her authority through the sharpness of the clothes. Some perceive the black and white trademark too mundane, opting for grey shirts and blue shirts. We recommend darker colors because these exude more maturity than lighter hues. You'll want your colleagues to focus more on what you're saying, rather than the electrifying colors and distracting patterns of your dress shirt. Business Dress Shirts: Shop Online.