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While some dress shirt colors are more obvious in their degree of formality, other colors remain more ambiguous. Brightly colored shirts are too casual. Dark purples and greens give a touch of elegance. White dress shirts are usually worn under tuxedos. There is seemingly no place for brown dress shirts. Most people probably have associations to bookish or boring for this particular color on a dress shirt. But make no mistake about it, the brown dress shirt, much like any other color can radiate class and youth if it has key fabric elements.

This earth tone symbolizes stability and reliability, however, it's not usually seen as a corporate color for dress shirts. Brown dress shirts are more casual than black dress shirts. One of the few companies that have incorporated the color into its organization is UPS, with their short sleeved brown dress shirts. That is not to say that brown dress shirts can't look good. A darker chocolate brown dress shirt can exude the same demeanor as a dressy casual shirt if made in a fabric with a sateen finish.

Brown dress shirts have many degrees and its hues in tan, taupe, beige and cream can personify different meanings. Taupe dress shirts exude simplicity. Because brown dress shirts are neutral tones, it is great for creating a higher saturation of color when it's accessorized. Brown shirt bases can really accentuate pastel pink or blue stripes. Alternatively, a plain brown shirt can also be paired up with a baby pink or pastel blue, creating an eye catching palette on the wearer. If you want a more classic twist, you can always mix the brown with black or white. Brown Dress Shirts: Shop Online.