Broadcloth Dress Shirts

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Broadcloth dress shirts may be the more favored dress shirt fabric due to its high thread count. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count of a fabric, the softer and more luxurious the feel. This particular fabric tends to be expensive due to its high quality and was in fact a trade wool. It is sometimes sold in cooler regions because of their ability to heavily insulate. Broadcloth is very prominent in the textile industry, particularly amongst bed sheets, upholstery and dress shirts.

The term broadcloth was given to this fabric because it is usually woven in widths that exceed the usual 29 inches. The fabric itself is closely woven with finely embedded ribs and a lustrous finish. It comes in many weights, fibers, and blends. Worsted and woolen broadcloths are held higher in regard because of their sheen finish. Better grades of broadcloth are also identified by having a velvety hand. Just from feeling the dress shirt fabric one can determine the intricacy of the cloth.

Broadcloth is of a heavier weight and is categorized as one of the plain weave shirts. It has a smooth finish and is lightweight, making it ideal for custom dress shirts. Broadcloth dress shirts would also be useful in areas where temperatures are relatively cool. They are great during seasonal transitions of winter to summer, summer to winter, because they are neither too thin nor too thick and are easily paired with a light jacket or blazer. We would highly recommend broadcloth for spring dress shirts or autumn dress shirts. Broadcloth Dress Shirts: Shop Online.