Blue Dress Shirts

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The advantage of owning a blue dress shirt is the immediacy of displaying a corporate message. Not many dress shirts have such high association with business as the blue dress shirt. This color makes one of truest business dress shirts out there. Although the term blue collar worker was commonly used to distinguish socio-economic situations, the line between the blue collar worker and the white collar workers is gradually becoming blurred. The color itself is incorporated into many business logos and uniforms transcending lasting impressions of quality and professionalism.

A solid blue shirt may be considered too bland for some but the message is clear. Traditional blue shirts may lack in trend but men in such clothing are deemed more trustworthy in the office. Blue reiterates the tranquility and stability eminent in the color, thus highlighting a sense of reliability in its wearers.

Checkered dress shirts, with different blue shades, are also quite popularized in organizations. Bear in mind that checkered patterns in the office need to be kept to a minimum and not be too noticeable on a shirt. A trend that has made a foundation in modernizing the traditional blue shirt is contrast shirt collar and cuffs. A blue striped shirt on a white base is usually recommended to have white collar and cuffs for a contemporary yet refined appeal. Blue dress shirts are one of men's must have dress shirts. Its complementary color, yellow, would certainly radiate against a blue base. The blue shirt is one of the less gender specific colors. One could never go wrong with wearing one. Blue Dress Shirts: Shop Online.