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There is no one universal black shade for black dress shirts because the color itself can be viewed in a number of monochromatic representations. Matching black on black requires more thought than most monochrome schemes as there are different underlying colors in black. A black dress shirt may look completely black under indoor lighting, but may expose green tinge when exposed to the sun.

A man's black dress shirt is equivalent to a woman’s little black dress. It is a versatile tone that slims down imperfections and instantly adds more class to any given outfit. Black is considered refined and flattering. For this reason, it has become one of the most essential wardrobe pieces for men. A black dress shirt will automatically boost a man's style factor.

A black dress shirt can, in fact, be worn with just about anything. The only time they do more harm than good is when worn in warmer regions as they absorb light rather than reflect it. Keep in mind that black dress shirts eventually fade over time, especially when washed and dried in a certain way. In order to maintain the color of any dress shirt, it is best to leave them to dry indoors, rather than be subjected to intense sun rays. Black Dress Shirts: Shop Online.