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Starting Point

It was the year 2008. And when it came to buying dress shirts, men were still stuck with dull designs that all looked alike and standard sizes that didn't quite fit. Two dress shirt enthusiasts, Michael Yang and Peter Crawfurd, began searching for an affordable and convenient way to get better dress shirts. They did not find one.

Peter and Michael began thinking about building what would become ShirtsMyWay. It was their personal experiences that led them to the designability concept. ShirtsMyWay lets people create their own shirt designs and measurement profiles, so that they can get exactly what they want. The dress shirts are completely custom made from scratch and go through rigorous quality control to ensure that they meet expectations.

Smarter Shirt Shopping

ShirtsMyWay is an innovative technology platform that lets users design over 7 trillion different men's dress shirts in a way that's unique and intuitive. It breaks down the dress shirt into components, which users can customize in both shape and fabric. Furthermore, it also guides users in specifying measurements for a custom tailored fit. It is becoming an entirely new way of looking at customization.

The previous shirt designs and measurement profiles are automatically saved and can be reloaded in the future for each individual user. The easy-to-use design panel interface that customers interact with is supported by a complex web system working to let people all over the world comfortably design and securely shop. ShirtsMyWay enables people with complete product designability.

Leaping Forward

After nearly one year of development in technology and infrastructure, ShirtsMyWay officially launched its website platform beta version 1.0 to the public in February 2009. And because it pushed product customization to an extreme level, in a way that was easy and powerful, ShirtsMyWay quickly gained a lot of media attention, being featured by Entrepreneur, Reuters, MSNBC, PCMAG, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, AskMen, and many more, as well as many users from all over the world.

ShirtsMyWay became the fastest growing service of its kind. Since the initial launch, the company has been listening to the input from users. In February 2010, along with product improvements and service commitments, ShirtsMyWay launched an upgrade to its platform, beta version 2.0, with usability adjustments, functionality tweaks, more fabrics, and an entirely new site layout that promises an even smoother shirt shopping experience.

Customer Service

We want to give you an amazing shirt shopping experience that you'll remember. Our dedicated customer service team is here to help you with anything you need. At ShirtsMyWay, we have a fast emailing policy. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Email: support@shirtsmyway.com

Public Relations

If you're interested in writing a story about us, please let us know, so that we can provide you with the latest news. And we of course have a media kit with images, videos, etc. that we send upon request. Use the below email address if you have any marketing related queries.

Email: marketing@shirtsmyway.com

Business Solution

ShirtsMyWay provides an exceptional business solution for companies by combining premium quality with unique design, including embroidered logos. This results in dress shirts that positively increase company image or brand perception. If you're interested in learning more about this, please contact our business team for personal consultation.

Email: business@shirtsmyway.com