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What’s The Deal With Popped Collars?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Popped Collar Shirt Portait

When you get right down to it, fashion is subjective and mostly a matter of personal taste. On forums and blogs throughout the web, there’s plenty of room for debating the informal rules and accepted standards for how people should dress in certain situations, most of which are based on either opinions or obscure traditions. Yet, there is one thing that most people concerned with fashion seem to have reached a consensus on: the tackiness of the popped collar. Read More

What’s The Deal With Sport Coats And Blazers?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Blazers, Sports Coats And How To Wear Them

In many parts of the world autumn has arrived. While it may still be too early to break out your winter parka, there is a definite nip to the air, which has a lot of men thinking about outerwear. For guys who have to wear suits every day, this is a great time of year; but for business-casual men and fellows just who want to cover up in style, what can they wear when the temps turn mild? No, not hoodies or Velor track jackets. The real answer: sports coats and blazers. Read More

What’s The Deal With Interlining?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Shirt Collar With Interlining

At the risk of starting this post like a bad stand-up comedy joke, have you ever noticed that some collars feel stiffer than others? Well, it may not be your imagination that’s adding that extra bit of hardness to your shirts. Depending on how they are constructed, collars can vary not only in stiffness, but also style and comfort. Read More

What’s The Deal With Thin Collars?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Thin Dress Shirt Collar

It seems that everything about men’s wear is getting trimmer and thinner these days. Slim fit shirts and skinny ties, once regarded as a trend, now seem to have found a permanent place in the realm of style. But the latest victim/benefactor of the charge towards sleeker cuts: the collar. Read More

What’s The Deal With Button Down Shirts?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Button Down Shirt

As all those who love dress shirts know, in many parts of the world the term “button down” is not only used incorrectly, but carries with it an unfortunate connotation of conservatism and close-mindedness. But, contrary to popular belief, button down shirts are a unique variant of the traditional dress shirt, and are actually anything but stodgy and conventional. Read More

What’s The Deal With Tuxedo Shirts?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Tuxedo Shirt

Whether you’re attending a wedding reception, the start of the opera season, the opening of a gallery, a formal dinner or any event described as “black tie”, wearing a tuxedo will definitely be de rigueur. But if you’re not so used to getting dressed up like a penguin, it may be tempting to just throw on one of your regular white dress shirts with your tuxedo. This, however, would be a serious mistake for any gentleman trying to look classy. Read More

What’s The Deal With French Cuffs?

Author: Zachary Lowell

French Cuff Shirts

For any of our readers out there who think that the standard, round barrel cuff is the only way to dress up the end of your shirt sleeve, think again. While this cuff style is definitely the most common, it’s far from the most formal. For the sartorial sophisticate or the enterprising exec looking to add a touch of Old World refinement to his shirt, French cuffs could be for you. Read More

What’s The Deal With Collar Stays?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Shirt Collar Stays

For a true dress shirt fan, there are few things more heart-breaking than having the collar of your most beloved shirt curl up like the hands of an old crone. It might be a bit like watching the petals on a flower fall to the ground or the pages of your favorite book turn yellow. These things may be inevitable, although having a thing of beauty or sentimental value fade away is never easy. But, if you want to get as much life out of your shirt as possible, a good pair of collar stays will be essential. Read More

What’s The Deal With Slim Fit Shirts?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Full Cut & Slim Fit Shirt Comparison

For any guy who finds himself an outlier on the bell curve of standard sizing, locating dress shirts that fit properly is no easy task. This is especially true if you find yourself on the thin and trim range of the spectrum, now that the “normal” man is a bit huskier than he used to be. At best, you may be lucky enough to grab a few decent fitting shirts with a little hustle at the beginning of the season; at worst, finding something with more shape than a Hefty bag is an exercise in Sisyphean futility. Read More

What’s The Deal With Cocktail Attire?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Cocktail Casual & Formal Attire

Here’s a question for all you young guys out there who might be new to the world of professional culture and grown-up fashion: you’re invited to an event calling for cocktail attire, what do you wear? If your answer is “something nice“; congratulations, that’s a fine start. But there’s a bit more you should probably know, especially if the last “cocktail party” you attended was organized by a university sports club – and you wore khakis with a white shirt and a borrowed tie. Read More