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Women Sound Off On Men’s Fashion: Wearing Pink

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Men's Pink Dress Shirts

Numerous men – mostly those with a high level of machismo – tag pink as a feminine color. A lot of you guys still refuse to wear pink clothes because of this unfortunate stereotype, and further argue that if it’s weird for a man to wear pink underwear, donning a pink dress shirt would be totally out of the question. In response to this, let’s hear the voices of women from around the world on what they have to say about men wearing this controversial color. Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: White

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

White Dress Shirt

For the most part, dressing appropriately is not encouraged, but compulsory. Wearing the appropriate clothes means wearing the right dress shirt color, too. And by putting on the right style and shade you’re showing not only your respect for the occasion but also your mood and feelings, as well. So, accepting this to be true, what effect will a white shirt have on the mind of the wearer and the people around them? Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: Brown

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Brown Dress Shirt

Our reaction to different colors results from the subconscious effect they have on our thoughts and emotions. And, as we have been telling you all along in our earlier posts, every color carries with it a kind of meaning and has a different effect on both the wearer and observer. Therefore, if you follow our psycho-sartorial thesis, the appropriate color shirt to wear depends not only on the situation, but also your personality. Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: Blue

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Men's Blue Dress Shirt

It’s probably pretty safe to say that more than 50 percent of people you encounter will tell you that blue is their favorite color. Why? Because blue – despite its association with baby boys – appeals positively to both men and women for a host of different reasons. It’s the color of pristine skies and endless oceans, police officers, The Virgin Mary, the bourgeoisie and blueberries. It should come as no surprise, given the significance of this color throughout the world, that blue sends a strong message and influences us both mentally and physically. Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: Yellow

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Yellow Dress Shirt

When you get right down to it, choosing your favorite dress shirts is a bit like choosing your friends. It testifies to the old proverb: “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” When you choose your friends, you don’t go for those who contradict your principles and clash with your personality. Similarly, you should wear different dress shirt colors and styles not just to suit the occasion but, perhaps more importantly, according to who you are and what you want to imply to the people around you. Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: Black

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Black Shirts: Villainously Versatile

Life is colorful, so why not fill your world with different shades as you live your life day to day. Wear different colored dress shirts as you hop from one occasion to the other. Most people do this already, without really knowing why; most likely for the simple reason that colors bring life and life defines who you are. But, how about life without color? Or color without life? What would that look like? The answer is black. Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: Green

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Green Shirts Project Health, Wealth & Optomism

We wear color for three basic reasons – first, obviously, to add color to our outfit and escape the monotony of being consistently monochrome. Second, for the sake of fashion: to tell people we are hip to the latest trends and seasonal color norms. Finally, as we told you earlier, the colors you wear say a lot about the man behind the garment. Read More

What Your Shirt Color Says About You: Red

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Red Dress Shirts, Casual & Formal

Most, if not all, of us have a favorite color. A color that really speaks to us and that we have a special connection to. Some even purchase sneakers, wallets, baseball caps, cars and even dress shirts with this preference in mind. But whether you realize it or not, the colors you like to look at and wear say a lot about who, and how, you are as a man. Read More