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The Hidden Dangers Of Dry Cleaning

Author: Zachary Lowell

13 dry cleaning and ironing 1 The Hidden Dangers Of Dry Cleaning

For today’s modern gent, the corner dry cleaner can seem as indispensable as your Blackberry.  But the in-and-out convenience offered by many dry cleaning services could carry with it a price for which goes beyond the few dollars you shell out when you pick up your dress shirts or other clothing.  Getting your clothes cleaned without water often involves the use of dangerous chemicals which can have a harmful impact on the environment and your health. Read More

Avoiding Shirt Shrinkage

Author: Zachary Lowell

Shirt Shrinkage

1994 was a pretty significant year for pop culture – it was the year O.J. Simpson’s slow speed chase made the news, Major League Baseball went on strike, Woodstock II was held in upstate New York, and the word “shrinkage” entered the active vocabulary of guys everywhere thanks to a now-classic episode of Seinfeld. But while shrinkage, as it relates to clothing, is often referred to with laughter and the occasional smirk, this all too common phenomenon can still take its toll on your custom shirts if you’re not careful. Read More

The Essentials Of Dress Shirt Care: Washing

Author: Zachary Lowell

Dress Shirts On A Clothesline

If you’ve ever searched online or asked your friends for clothing care advice, you’ve probably found that it can be a bit like asking a group of geriatrics about how to cure the common cold: everyone has their own preferred, home-brewed remedy that they allege works best, but which the listener will never be able to successfully duplicate. Yet despite the plethora of folk knowledge floating around out there, if you don’t take care of your garments you could be slowly destroying them. Read More