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Men’s Fashion Milestones Of The Decade

Author: Zachary Lowell

Men's Fashions Of The Decade

People reminisce about great memories and we at ShirtsMyWay reminisce and get nostalgic about our favorite topic: men’s fashion and especially custom shirts. Although men’s fashion moves rather slowly it’s never a bad time to look at changes in the way men dress over the past decade. Read More

Black Tie, White Tie: A Guide To Formal Attire

Author: Zachary Lowell

Men's Black Tie Attire

In this age of comfortable casual, the mores and standards of formal attire are become increasingly obscure. Some day in the future perhaps, formal dress codes, such as they exist today, may only be mentioned as tid-bits of historical curiosity. But whether you’re awaiting such an era with hope or fear, it hasn’t arrived yet and guys everywhere still need to know how to dress themselves appropriately in social situations that call for more than jeans and polo shirts. Read More

Wedding Shirts: Getting Hitched In Style

Author: Zachary Lowell

Custom Wedding Shirts

In the past, we’ve had occasion on the ShirtsMyWay blog to drop knowledge on a variety of situations where the right outfit is essential. We’ve helped you dress for a job interview, and select a suitable first date shirt; but once you’ve landed gainful employment and found the woman of your dreams, what comes next? For many guys, the next major step is going to be getting married, another event where your clothing has got to come correct. Here’s some friendly advice to help all you future hubbies find the right shirt for your joyous day. Read More

Button Alternatives

Author: Zachary Lowell

Chinese Button Knot

There has to be something better than buttons when it comes to keeping your shirt closed, right? At some point or other – usually when one of our buttons goes missing and we can’t find (or attach) a suitable replacement – we’ve all had this thought. Throughout history people have thought up clever button substitutes; whether or not they are actually “better” though is another story. Read More

Cutaway Collars Make Come Back

Author: Zachary Lowell

Cutaway Collar

In the past, we’ve given you the low-down on some pretty obscure collars – the detachable collar, the double collar, and the mandarin collar – but just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun when it comes to your shirt’s neck area, think again. Today we bring you yet another not-quite-mainstream collar that was once standard among royals and silver-age Hollywood stars: the cutaway. Thanks in large part to the resurgence of the “timeless” tailored look in men’s fashion, the cutaway collar is slowly making its way back onto stores shelves, with an extreme modern twist. Read More

Accessories For The Everyman: Pocket Squares

Author: Zachary Lowell

Pocket Squares

We’d like to be a little liberal with the term “everyman” for a moment, since we realize not every man may feel comfortable with the pocket square. Sure, the pocket square was once the dandified version of the pocket protector worn exclusively by Italian playboys and maître d’s; but with the mainstream acceptance of guys looking good and the success of Mad Men, the pocket square has made a roaring return over the past year or so. But is it an item you can pull off? Read More

Pinstriped Shirts: Always In Line

Author: Zachary Lowell

Pinstripe Dress Shirt

As a general rule, the thinner the stripes on your shirt are, the more formal and professional you’ll look. While there are many different striped shirt options out there – rope stripes, bead stripes, chalk stripes, candy stripes – today we’d like to turn your attention to what may be the dressiest choice of them all: pinstripes. Read More

What’s The Deal With Tuxedo Shirts?

Author: Zachary Lowell

Tuxedo Shirt

Whether you’re attending a wedding reception, the start of the opera season, the opening of a gallery, a formal dinner or any event described as “black tie”, wearing a tuxedo will definitely be de rigueur. But if you’re not so used to getting dressed up like a penguin, it may be tempting to just throw on one of your regular white dress shirts with your tuxedo. This, however, would be a serious mistake for any gentleman trying to look classy. Read More

The Rise And Fall Of The Detachable Collar

Author: Zachary Lowell

Detachable Collar Shirt

The dress shirt, as most of us know it today, has quite a long history, going back at least until the Victorian age. While there have been some slight changes and modifications to the standard design of the dress shirt over the past hundred years or so, many things about it have remained relatively consistent. But in the saga of the dress shirt, few things have been as dramatic as appearance and decline of the detachable collar. Read More

Tiny Shirts, High Art: The Work of Charles LeDray

Author: Zachary Lowell

Charles LeDray

We’ve always thought of fashion as an aesthetic pursuit; a kind of art that everyone can practice, in ways both large and small, through their choice of clothing. Yesterday though we read about an exhibition currently on display at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, entitled “workworkworkworkwork”, by reclusive New York artist Charles LeDray, which takes a unique look at men’s wear and its place in contemporary society. Read More