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The World Of Eco-Friendly Fashion: Organic Cotton

Author: Zachary Lowell

Organically Grown Cotton

Over the past couple of years, the word ‘organic’ has become a major buzz word for shoppers and retailers. Basically any product you might be in the market for even if it isn’t custom shirts – from coffee and toilet paper to cosmetics and carrots – has any organic option these days. It should come as no surprise the new-found love for all things organic has reached everyone’s favorite source of textile yarn, cotton. Read More

The World Of Eco-Friendly Fashion: Reducing Clothing Waste

Author: Zachary Lowell

Clothing Waste

Clothing production doesn’t get a lot of press as a major contributor to the world’s environmental problems, yet the garment and textile industries generate a huge amount of waste. Recently we read about an exhibit at the London Science Museum which showcases the efforts of eco-oriented designers and scientists hoping to make the world a cleaner, safer place to live, one garment at a time.  Here’s just a sample of the forward-thinking innovations that could reform the wasteful way of the clothing world. Read More

Shirts Of The Future: Recycled Material

Author: Zachary Lowell

Recycled Shirt & Clothing Material

When you think about recycling and clothing, it’s usually pretty unsophisticated stuff which first comes to mind – like teenagers who make their prom dresses out of gum wrappers (and usually do a pretty cool job) or novelty items made from household junk. Lo-fi fashion strategies like these might be good for one-time-wear pieces or custom parties, but shirts made from garbage probably won’t make their way into the starting line-up of your wardrobe… or will they? Read More