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The World Of Eco-Friendly Fashion: Organic Cotton

Author: Zachary Lowell

Organically Grown Cotton

Over the past couple of years, the word ‘organic’ has become a major buzz word for shoppers and retailers. Basically any product you might be in the market for even if it isn’t custom shirts – from coffee and toilet paper to cosmetics and carrots – has any organic option these days. It should come as no surprise the new-found love for all things organic has reached everyone’s favorite source of textile yarn, cotton. Read More

The Great Cotton Debate: 100% Vs. Blended

Author: Zachary Lowell

Cotton Plants

Without looking at the collar tag, do you know what your material your shirt was made with? For those who aren’t sure the go-to guess is most likely going to be cotton. And, odds are, this educated assumption is probably going to be correct – or at least partly correct. Most shirts today are made from either pure cotton or cotton blended with some other fiber. But which is better? While this question has been the subject of vigorous debate in the sartorial world for years, many less fastidious dressers may still be unsure which camp they should support. Read More