Women Sound Off On Men’s Fashion: Worst Fashion Offenses

Author: Zachary Lowell

Men's Fashion Disasters

It’s sad to say it, but unfortunately not every man is born with an innate sense of style. For some guys, it takes a lot of time and practice to learn the intricacies of putting together a good outfit and master the art of looking sharp. Yet, even the most dedicated student can trip and fall hard over the hurdles of fashion if they aren’t careful. Recently we contacted a group of female style experts and enthusiasts to get the scoop on the most heinous crimes  in men’s fashion. Are you guilty of any of the infractions listed below?

I live in downtown Vancouver, BC, and I have noticed some patterns of male “fashion faux pas” when I am out and about downtown. These men are usually the successful type, often driving BMWs and Lexus and I often wonder, “Why!? you have the money to properly dress yourself!”

Wearing too many high end pieces that are obviously branded… examples are: flashy T-shirts with flashy jeans, or embellished shirts and embellished jeans. These brands are usually quite high end, but pairing a lot of them together on one night out is definitely unacceptable.

Also, pairing too many patterns together. This I see a lot as well. A flashy, patterned shirt with a different patterned hat and a different style jacket. Not pretty.

Brooke Page
Vancouver, BC, Canada

A scuffed, run-down pair of shoes ruins even the most chic outfit. A good shine and new heels or soles will revive even a well-worn or not necessarily expensive pair of shoes. Women may check out your eyes when we meet you, but we give you a head-to-toe next and you need to pass the test!

Leila Zogby
East Northport, NY

Unless your name is Jay Leno, don’t wear denim on denim. Actually, on second thought, even if you are Jay Leno, don’t wear denim on denim.

Also, Jorts aren’t just a joke term that a beer commercial coined a few years back. They are a real and devastatingly sad fashion offense. Many jorts wearers seem to think that if they live in the south and are particularly fond of beer and bashing the President, they are somehow part of an unspoken uniform in the brotherhood of jorts wearers. Tip to you all: Your wives are kinda embarrassed.

Jennifer Bourgoyne
San Francisco, CA

Disdaining as boring or stuffy the idea of classic elegance is a huge mistake — well-cut clothing, good fabrics (cashmere, wool, linen, good leather, suede) in favor of trends. I saw a man yesterday eating in a nice restaurant while wearing (?!) a ski hat with orange sunglasses perched on top of it. What part of fashionable or attractive is that?

Caitlin Kelly
Tarrytown, NY

I am a former technical designer with men’s clothes so my job was to observe a huge range of men wearing all types of clothing. The biggest offenses were men who wore ill-fitting, oversized clothes. Men often purchased clothing based on the label size and never bothered to check if it fit them.

I saw men wearing huge shirts with a chest much bigger than their actual body, stuffed all the excess into double pleated pants. Double pleated pants are for those men who need the extra girth…not slim, fit gents. However, I see too many guys with the snowman effect, because they think they need to buy these wardrobe staples…

Mariana Leung
New York, NY

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