Large And In Charge: Loose Fit Shirts

Author: Zachary Lowell

Loose Fit & Slim Fit Shirts

It’s safe to say that fit has become one of the biggest topics in men’s clothing over the past few years. Nowadays more and more men are going for form-fitting, silhouette-revealing pants, suits and shirts. Yet not every guy has been eager to jump on the slim fit bandwagon, and some still find shirts that are too close to the skin to be too close for comfort.

But, just as there are loose fit pants and jeans, there are also loose fit shirts. Of course, we’re not talking about “baggy”, shapeless shirts that are going to make you look like a rumpled ball of laundry. By “loose” we’re talking about shirts that are perhaps the equivalent of one (but no more than two) standard sizes larger than what you would normally wear.

Obviously no one likes to wear uncomfortably tight clothing, but sometimes the snug shirts you may have to wear at the office just don’t feel right when you’re strolling on the beach or rolling up your sleeves for some light work around the house. Or, if want to wear your shirt untucked and completely unbuttoned on the weekend with jeans and a pair of sneakers – and hopefully an undershirt of some kind – something a little more relaxed than restricting might be called for.

Even with loose fitting shirts though, finding the right size is still important. With a lot of off the rack dress shirts, if you opt for a shirt that’s maybe an inch or two wider in the neck than you usually get, you may end up with an article that’s way too billowy around the waist or too long. Some unfortunate results which may ensue: your shirt may look like a flowing superhero cape if a strong breeze picks up, or your arms might get caught in excess fabric during impromptu Frisbee games.

To avoid hazards which may make your shirt too cumbersome to be considered truly casual, make sure your loose fitting shirt is still cut to the proper length – i.e. the hem still hits just below your belt loops. The areas where you should add the most width are in the chest and hips; don’t add too much extra girth to the stomach or your shirt may look too much like a circus tent. Don’t add extra room in the sleeves either, even on short sleeve shirts, as this will create odd ridges along your arm when your hands are at your side. Also, avoid course or stiff fabrics and stick with materials that are on the softer side; your shirt should drape on top of your body, not encase it like a bulky, hard shell.

Since loose fitting shirts are definitely more acceptable after working hours, it’s perfectly fine to select brighter fabrics or bolder prints than you might normally get away with at the office. As a final word of warning about choosing colors which might be too soft: given the popularity of “boyfriend clothing” you may find your wife or girlfriend is wearing your loose fitting shirt more than you do.

Whether at work or during off hours, every man has his own preference about what’s comfortable and how he wants his shirts to fit. At ShirtsMyWay we’re in the business of helping you find the right size for you, no matter how tight or oversized it is.

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