Women Sound Off On Men’s Fashion: Wearing Pink

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Men's Pink Dress Shirts

Numerous men – mostly those with a high level of machismo – tag pink as a feminine color. A lot of you guys still refuse to wear pink clothes because of this unfortunate stereotype, and further argue that if it’s weird for a man to wear pink underwear, donning a pink dress shirt would be totally out of the question. In response to this, let’s hear the voices of women from around the world on what they have to say about men wearing this controversial color.

I have been saying that “real men wear pink,” because wearing the color feels like it is a sign that they are comfortable and confident enough with their masculinity and sexuality that they are open to wear a traditionally feminine color. So I often find it dead sexy when a man wears pink especially if he can carry it off.

Jocelyn Chia, 30, Lawyer
New York, USA

I like it if most people (especially guys) wear pink. It shows confidence in the guy’s personality. Pink is also easy to match with most things in his wardrobe, especially as a shirt. I don’t think men wearing pink are too feminine, and I actually like men who are comfortable wearing pink! I know plenty of men who wear pink just because it suits them. I don’t really think this is an issue. It’s simply a nice color for a nice shirt.

Charlotte Allan, 25, Fashion Practitioner/ESL Teacher
Tuscany, Italy

I think it really depends on the men’s overall look and style. Some men can look feminine in a pink shirt and if he already looks slightly feminine, he is going to look more so in a pink shirt. A man that has a really rugged, outdoorsy look is probably going to look odd in a pink shirt. I think only a really super clean cut or a “regular” man could pull it off. I think certain men can pull off a pink dress shirt maybe with a gray suit.

Jenny Golfin, 32, Mobile Journalist
Connecticut, USA

I really find it cute when a guy wears a pink shirt. A guy in pink seems so sweet and harmless. It seems like he’s comfortable and confident about his sexuality. He seems not to care about people thinking of him as gay or what. It also brings out the sunshiny side of the person wearing it.

Desiree Gandullas, 24, Territory Manager
Iloilo, Philippines

I like a man who’s confident enough to wear a pink shirt, as long as it’s season-appropriate, spring or summer only. I do not find it too feminine on a man, especially if it’s a classic dress shirt, polo shirt or T-shirt. I think a man who wears pink shows himself to be confident, self-assured and stylish. Wearing this color takes self-confidence to step outside the confines of the traditional and expected blue.

Jill Seiman, 32, Lifestyle Blogger
New York, USA

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