The Perfect Colors For Redheads

Author: Zachary Lowell

Shirts For Redheads

For some reason, society loves giving redheads a hard time. Sure, they’re a minority – only 1-2% of the world’s population has red hair – but this doesn’t explain the harsh treatment. If you’re a redhead, you’ve probably been putting up with teasing and “fiery-tempered redhead” stereotypes your whole life. What’s more, going shopping and finding clothing which compliments this kind of rare hair is no walk in the park either.

Well, it’s time for your day in the sun – metaphorically speaking, of course (we hear redheads sunburn easily) – as we help all of our ginger friends out there find the perfect shirt for their unique hair.

Of course, there are many different shades and varieties of red hair, ranging from darker auburn to lighter strawberry blonde. This, combined with your skin and eye color, is going to determine your “season” – i.e. the color palette that best suited for you. By the way, this is what your girlfriend is talking about when she says she’s “a summer” and is appalled when you buy her anything bright red (for example), but the same concept holds true for men.

Basically all redheads will either be autumns or springs. If you have a dark/ruddy complexion and your hair is more of the classic carrot-top variety, you’re most likely an autumn.

Being a red haired autumn has its pros and its cons. Pro: you can look great in colors your blonde and brunette buddies would never be able to pull off, like burnt orange and turquoise for example. Con: these colors and their derivations aren’t exactly on store shelves everywhere, so finding a well stocked tailor might be something autumn men should consider.

Spring redheads – who are characterized by their paler, whitish skin and golden hair color – look their best in warm blues and greens of the navy and olive sort. Basically any color you might see while hiking in the forest will be suitable for your shirt – except maybe bright greens though, or get ready to hear lots of leprechaun jokes. Colors like peach, salmon and coral may also be complimentary for your skin, but wear them at your discretion if you’re a man’s man.

All red haired people are advised to avoid black and white at all cost, as they’ll draw too much attention to either your hair or skin color. In formal/professional situations, we recommend our rouge headed friends to experiment with dark grey if they want to look class things up a bit. Not only is grey always cool and modern, a dark grey shirt won’t act like an arrow pointing out your pale skin or colorful locks.

While redheads may stand out from the crowd and get some flak from those with more yellow, brown and black hair, we encourage all our gingers readers to celebrate their uniqueness with style. Ideally your clothing, especially your shirt, should not only compliment your hair, but also show it off as one of your most attractive features.

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