High-Tech Patch Could Eradicate Body Odor

Author: Tyra 'nell Pille

Shirt Add-On Could Bring An End To Body Odour

There are few personal hygiene problems more embarrassing than body odor. For many people, a simple dose of deodorant in the morning is enough to put our fears of smelling bad to rest; but unfortunately we all can’t be blessed with a dainty sweating system or live in a temperate climate zone. If you’re a chronic perspirer who still needs to wear a suit to work even when the heat is on, you probably know all too well that a few swipes of Old Spice isn’t enough sometimes.

But the battle against BO could be at an end, if Steve and Tom Rawlings from Odegon Technologies are correct. Last week this father and son duo announced the development of odor eliminating patches which can be ironed on to the inside of your shirts.

It may sound like something straight from a late night infomercial, but the Rawlings seem to know their stuff and have more than 35 years of filter engineering experience. Their 7cm x 4cm patches, which look a bit like tea bags, use industrial-strength nano-porous fibers made from controlled carbon materials which trap polarized stink molecules. We won’t go into the nitty-gritty science details about how this works, but basically this kind of active carbon technology has been in use since World War Two for use in gas masks and hazardous material suits – if it can stop nerve gas, imagine what it can do to your BO.

So with this military-grade technology making its way to consumers, are there any side effects? Good question, after all, nobody wants to be scratching their underarms, especially around women. These soft, chemical-free and odorless tags are hypo-allergenic and environment friendly. It sounds like deodorant manufacturers may have some tough times ahead of them, especially since several clothing companies have already expressed an interest in this new anti-funk patch.

While nobody likes the smell of sweat, this new invention, if it works as advertised, would be an especially welcome innovation for those who have to wear dress shirts in the summer time. It doesn’t matter how nice you look if no one wants to get near you.

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